The Worst and Best Supplements for Surfers

worst best supplements surfers

The market is full of supplements for muscle mass. But in reality, not all of them are beneficial some can be harmful and some are absolutely placebos. Your money is precious and you do not want to waste on something that does nothing at all or bring you harm. On the other hand, some supplements do prove to be beneficial in muscle mass building. This should be kept in mind that these supplements only aid in muscle help. The main factors are diet and strict workout routine. You cannot expect that only the supplements will magically build your body into some macho wrestler body overnight.

This article will guide you about the 3 worst and 3 best supplements that you need to know about.


  • Testosterone Boosters: the Testosterone Boosters often cash on the fear of men of declined levels if testosterone. Companies making testosterone boosters stock up the market with products that claim to increase the levels of testosterone which may help in muscle building. In reality, they do nothing at all. Studies have shown they are just regular zinc and magnesium suppliers which can be fulfilled through basic diet as well.
  • Branched Chain Amino Acids: this supplement is highly overrated. They consist of the essential amino acid which is leucine, isoleucine, and valine. These amino acids can be easily availed from meat, eggs and dairy products. There is no point in spending money on them. Above all, valine has nothing much to do with building muscles at all.
  • Beta-Hydroxy Beta-Methyl butyrate: this supplement has absolutely no effect on muscle building. If you train while fasting, this might bring little benefits to lower body. Overall, it is a waste of money as its effects are little to no effects at all.


  • Protein Powder: this is a worth buying product as it shows effective results and helps to meet the daily requirement of protein intake. This is the most convenient way of getting your proteins of the day. It is a very affordable and easy way to get your protein daily. Also, it helps to cut down excessive carbohydrates and fats from the diet as these powders are 90 percent of protein only. These are easily digested by the body as well.
  • Creatinine: it is, so far, the best supplement for muscle mass. It actually helps to build your muscle stronger and also at a faster rate. It improves the efficiency of the muscles to work at anaerobic conditions and recover from any muscle wear and tear due to strenuous workouts. Creatinine is also naturally present in our body, so a creatinine supplement brings almost no harm to the body if taken properly.
  • 3- Beta-Alanine: it is a non- essential amino acid. This basically helps to reduce the accumulation of the lactic acid in muscle due to strenuous exercise and reduces fatigue. This ultimately makes the person more active and help to work out for a longer time which helps to gain more muscles. It is a great supplement which can improve the efficiency of your muscles and improve your workout game.

So before you buy a supplement, make sure you do your homework first. Go for products that are more beneficial to you rather than wasting your money. Supplements for muscle mass do not suggest that you skip on exercise. They only boost your game up. So buy your supplements wisely.

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