Want Lean Muscle While you Surf? Here is a Complete Guide

lean muscles surfers

Gaining lean muscle refers to the lean body mass. Lean body mass is actually the weight of body excluding the fats of the body. So, this means that weight of your organs, skeleton, and muscles make up the lean body mass. Literally, it is the weight of your body excluding the fat mass strictly. The building and gaining if lean muscle requires strength training. If you are interested in getting a physically fit and well-toned body then you desire to have lean muscle body. To attain this, you need a proper routine of workout, proper diet and a proper amount of rests as well. This guide will educate you about all the things to do to gain lean muscles.


To attain a lean muscle body you have to train your muscles extensively. For this, it is very crucial that you do weightlifting. Basically, weightlifting helps to build your muscle and also helps to strengthen them. Such heavy and exhaustive routine of weightlifting should be done at least twice a week.

Make sure you do this properly or .ore preferably under the observation of a fitness trainer. Start with lifting lighter weights and gradually by building strength go for heavier ones. Make sure you keep your current level of fitness in mind and then move to heavier lift.


While gaining the lean muscle your main aim is to gain the muscle mass and reduce the fat mass from the body. This can be done through the aerobic workouts. This can include regular workouts such as walking, jogging, biking, swimming or skipping rope etc. This should be done at least 150 minutes per week. This will help you greatly in keeping your body active as well as will also tone your body by burning the fats down.


A vital role is played by a healthy and good diet in gaining lean muscles. As you know, your aim is to cut down fat and increase muscle mass which is protein in nature. So take a diet which is strictly low in fats, such as fruits, vegetables, bran bread etc. On the other hand, it should be high in protein, such as eggs, lean red meat etc.


If you go beyond logic and start losing excessive calories, your body will not only start consuming fat for energy but also your muscle protein will also be consumed. So to avoid any kind of harmful muscle atrophy, keep your calories at normal levels. From age 18 to 40 a man requires 2600 to 3200 calories and a woman required 2000-2400 calories.


Your muscles may get stressed out through the tough training. So it is very important you take rests and sleep well at night. At least, a good sleep of 6 to 8 hours is very important in rejuvenating the state of your muscles.

Following a good routine and making it part of your healthy lifestyle can help you a lot in gaining a lean muscle. This guide of “ things to do to gain lean muscle ” is a very simple overview of what should be done which can be beneficial in gaining lean muscle.

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