11 Key Elements For Gaining Muscles


11 Key Elements For Gaining Muscles

Muscle gain does not correspond to the gain in weight. We will discuss where you can buy whey protein in India and why protein is said to be the key factor in muscle building. This might be the reason why many people spend majority of their time in the gym but still end up looking scrawny instead of brawny. As a matter of fact, your actions in the bedroom or what you are doing at the kitchen table may be of more significance in terms of gaining muscle mass as compared to what and how much you are lifting at the gym. However, that does matter as well of course. There are a lot of important points that must be taken into consideration for muscle gain. Following are some of those main points.

  • Energy is the key.

The first thing to keep in mind is that in order to gain muscle mass, energy is required. Muscles are greatly metabolic. This implies that a lot of energy is needed for them to grow. Thus, consumption of a large number of nutrients and calories becomes significant for the maintenance of the physical energy. However, kind of foods, calories and nutrients you take matters as well.

  • Protein is everything.

There are three types of macro nutrients that can be transformed into energy. One of them is the protein. The other two are different forms of fats and carbohydrates. However, in this matter, protein is of particular importance as it aids in building and repairing muscle.


  • Importance of carbs.

Excess protein is not so good for the bodies. Not only does it produce kidney stones, when only proteins are being consumed, the body takes up that protein for energy. Consequently, no more protein is left for repairing and building the muscle. Hence, consumption of some carbohydrates is also necessary. In this way, the body uses the carb calories leaving the protein for the muscle.

  • Frequent eating is healthy.

Since body requires a lot of energy and calories for maintaining the strength of the body after a long and stressful workout, frequent eating is a must. Here’s what you can do if you prefer working out in the evening time. Breakfast, have a brunch 3 hours later, lunch, take snacks after workout, and then dinner.Amount of calories needed also depends on your body weight and the intensity of your workout.

  • Must eat at the right time.

Consumption of calories at the right time is equally important.

  • Follow different routines.

Repeating the same routine slow down the effect on the muscle gain.

  • Women won’t get bulky.

There is a misconception that gaining muscles will make a woman bulky. Training for strength is valuable for both men and women.

  • Must get enough sleep.

Taking a good sleep is important as it is a critical period for the recovery from the stress you have been putting on yourself.

  • Input gives an output.

The intensity of the hard work you put in gaining the muscles will get you the best results.

  • It’s never too late for anything.

In order to achieve your goals, it is never too late to start working on it.


  • Exercise as much as you can.

Do the essential exercises according to what your trainer tells you to do.

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